Golden Film for Koning van Katoren (To Be King)

Posted in News in February 2013

V.l.n.r.: Regisseur Ben Sombogaart, acteurs Mingus Dagelet en Abbey Hoes

More than 100.000 viewers have seen "Koning Van Katoren" in the theaters, and that means a "Golden Film" award. The movie by director Ben Sombogaart, written by Sander Burger and Bart Westerlaken and based on a novel by Jan Terlouw, went into theaters on December 5th 2012. The production of the film has been handled by Kasander Film in cooperation with Mollywood, Guy & Wilfried van Baelen and the KRO. The film has been made thanks to the support of the Dutch Film Foundation, CoBo Fonds, BLS Fund and the Rotterdam Media Foundation. The Golden Film, Platinum Film and Diamond Film awards are awarded by the Dutch Film Festival and the Dutch Film Foundation when a feature attracts 100 thousand, 400 thousand and 1 million viewers into theaters. The Crystal Film award is given to Dutch documentary productions which get more than 10 thousand viewers in theaters. Benelux Film Distributors is responsible for showing the movie in the Netherlands. Koning Van Katoren is still running in the Dutch theaters.

Alles Is Familie

Posted in News in October 2012

Alles is familie

Carice van Houten, Thijs Römer and Benja Bruijning star in a new rom-com from the directors of 'Alles is liefde'. The film called 'Alles is familie' will open in the DeLaMar Theather in Amsterdam on the 19th of November. This feature film was directed by Joram Lürsen an the script was written by Kim van Kooten. The film tells the story of the De Roover family. All members of the family reached a critical point of making important decisions in life. Winnie wants to have a baby, her husband Rutmer wants to get closer to his inner self, his brother Charlie is avoiding any responsibility and their brother in law Dick wants his late wife to come back to him. And so on... At AVP the team was responsible for the conform, grading and DCP.

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Mees Kees is the first platinum release of the year

Posted in News in October 2012

Mees Kees

The family film Mees Kees is the first Dutch film in 2012 to get 400.000 viewers to the cinemas. The film about Kees, the enthusiastic intern, who is trying to stay afloat before his first school class, has therefore reach the 'Platina Film' status. The prize to Sanne Wallis de Vries has been awarded on Monday morning. She did the voice acting for one of the main characters of the movie. Other key actors are Willem Voogd, Cas Jansen and Peter Heerschop.

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