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TransitMedia - new version

Posted in News in February 2011

HecticElectric and Avp have launched a new version of TransitMedia. We are further developing our digital publishing and archiving tool. The service is now organized as a new business structure called 'TransitMedia'.

At our clients request, we have added some highly useful features. For more detailed information, or a personal demo, please contact AVP on +31 20 347 2828.

Read on for more information:

Create Playlist

Within your own customised, branded login, you can create a personalised presentation of commercials to play within your branded player, as a presentation or to send to clients. You can now also render a Quicktime of the compilation for sending or presenting offline.

The new Transit app for Iphone

Browse, view, approve and publish your content on the move and with clients. Fully integrated, you can trust the IPhone app with the same level of security and workflow as our main Transit web application.

Contracts database

Contracts are a major part of any production process. We provide contracts for music, cast voiceover and image rights. Due to the connection between the contracts and the commercials themselves, Transit warns of mismatch between distribution (e.g. territories) and current contracts, and also notifies when contracts expire. We can migrate your existing systems into Transit, to enable complete oversight over all productions.

DCP (digital cinema mastering and distribution services)

Designed for films that require full service encoding, encryption and distribution to cinemas.

We accept Digital Cinema Masters in any format and encode the Digital Cinema Packages now with Dolby. Also features hard drive duplication, distribution and KDM support.

Biesbosch 225 1181JC Amstelveen, The Netherlands t: +31 20 3472828 f: +31 20 3472829

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