Alleen maar nette mensen

Alleen maar nette mensen

Aleen Maar Nette Mensen

Posted in News in October 2012

The movie 'Alleen maar nette mensen' managed to attract over 100.000 visitors since the release on Thursday the 11th of October! This is why the Dutch Film Festival and the Dutch Film Foundation gave a Golden Film status to this feature film directed by Lodewijk Crijns. The movie is based on the homonymous book written by Robert Vuijsje. The story is about David Samuels, member of an intellectual Jewisch family from Amsterdam. Two things control his life; he looks like a Maroccan guy and he is attracted to fullsize Surinamese woman. The lead parts are played by G├ęza Weisz en Imanuelle Grives. The team at AVP was happy to be a part of the process. They took care of the conform, grading, VFX and DCP.

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